Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks.

Feast like a boss.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Dirty Projectors - "Ascending Melody"

There is no doubt that Dirty Projectors, among other Brooklyn bands, made a big splash in 2009. "Stillness Is The Move" is considered by many music experts to be on the best songs of the year. And although I have my own personal feelings toward buzz bands, the Projectors have proven their prowess. They've collaborated with big names and their music is being covered - already. They've got a new EP coming out for their single "Temecula Sunrise", which bares the track's name. The new release gives us the ever-so-soothing "Asceding Melody". An overall great blend of percussion, guitar picking, and boy-girl vocals. What a sound these guys put out. It seems as though this experimental sound was planned all along - and it's working. Don't just take my baffled words for it, take a listen:

Dirty Projectors
- "Ascending Melody"

Temecula Sunrise EP
is out now via Domino Records.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20, 2009 (Playlist)

November 20, 2009 (Playlist):
"Our Thirty-Second Show!"

The Delta Spirit – People Come On
MGMT – Kids
Vampire Weekend – Cousins
Hard Fi – Stars Of CCTV
The Replacements – I’ll Be You
Audioslave – Doesn’t Remind Me
Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
Neko Case –I’m An Animal
*"Allen Reed Memorial Cover Of The Week": TV On The Radio – Mr. Grieves (Pixies Cover) (Live)
Pinback – Concrete Seconds
The Mountain Goats – Going To Georgia

The Flaming Lips – Silver Trembling Hands
*"Punk Trunk!": Hüsker Dü – Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely
*"Punk Trunk!": New York Dolls – Trash
Discovery – Osaka Loop Line
Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension
Big Star – Thirteen
*"The Mighty Mighty Boss-Tune": Bruce Springsteen – Atlantic City
Big Country – In A Big Country
Colin Hay – It’s A Mistake

*Background music consisted of various dance and electronica tunes from the 2000s. They ranged from Annie to Junior Senior. Tunes to make you move your feet.

After being absent from our show last week (pre-recording, computer-fritz fiasco), Jim Adair, myself Mike Pop, and KUR newbie/shadower Melissa brought you the 32nd installment of Never Mind the Mainstream. It was done live, the way radio should be. We had great callers, who did not hesitate to give our newcomer a piece of their minds. But she hung tough, answered their ridiculous questions, and learned a little bit about controlling a radio show. And oh yes - the music! New music this week via Yeasayer, Neko Case, The Flaming Lips, Discovery, and Julian Casablancas. We also premiered the latest from Vampire Weekend: "Cousins". And of course, we had our usual segments and specials. It was a great show and if you missed out, fear not, because someday soon we'll put up our podcast/recorded shows on our blog. We're off next week, due to the Thanksgiving Break. But in two weeks, expect more great alternative music and non-stop radio fun on 88.3 KUR. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Neko Case - "I'm An Animal"

Julian Casablancas - "11th Dimension"

Big Country - "In A Big Country"

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Music Video: Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"

Vampire Weekend ducks down the alleyway in their latest video for lead single off Contra, coming Janurary 12th. The song is "Cousins" and the video is pretty fun. Artsy, but so is everything these days. The whole band gets in on the charades and before the 2:40 marker is hit, the video is done. Short and sweet. I'm still learning what I like when it comes to music, as all music fans should, and for me, I'm all about keeping songs short. They don't need to be punk rock or novelty songs, but just get to the point. And that's what Vamp Week does. The songs are short and fun and should be enjoyable for most people, but that's my opinion. Onto the viewing portion of this post:

Vampire Weekend - "Cousins"

Contra is out Janurary 12, 2010, via XL Records.

Take 2: 2nd Shot At Show 32nd

If you received our (Facebook) message last Friday, then you already know that our pre-recorded show for last week was scrapped. One of our computers in our production room was on the fritz and totally ruined what we had saved. Bummer. But maybe that's a sign - the show has got to be live from now on! And so now, we're doing it the way it should be done: LIVE, TOMORROW, 6-8 PM! Tune in to hear (still) new music from Yeasayer, Neko Case, The Flaming Lips, Discovery, Julian Casablancas, and more. Plus, we've got our usual segments, including our latest where you, the listener, gets the chance to harass our shadower/KUR newbie with inappropriate questions. It's always a blast on NMTM and we hope you join us, Mike Pop and Jim Adair, tomorrow night!

Audioslave - "Doesn't Remind Me"

College Weezer Contest

Hey folks, and good afternoon. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a reader and he filled me on a contest Weezer is having. Here's part of what I received:

"I'm writing about Weezer, who are back with a new album, Raditude, which is in stores now. To celebrate this new release, Weezer will perform a very special show at one very lucky college campus. Exactly which campus is why I'm writing.

The T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ Challenge is a competition to see which community has what it takes to get Weezer to their local campus by voting on Facebook at . The school with the biggest CLIQ will win a live performance from Weezer... and an award of up to $25,000 - $1 for every vote.

We are looking to spread awareness about this contest, and thought your readers might be interested in helping to get Weezer to play at a campus near them.

Weezer/T-Mobile assets that you can use for your post can be found here:"

So there you have it. You want Weezer at Kutztown? You want Weezer at your university? Well then let your voice be heard! Spread the word, as I am, and you could win this contest. A big thanks for the tip from Angelo of the YouCast Corporation. I like what they're doing over there.

Ratitude is out now via Geffen.

Weezer - "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Major Lazer - The Animated Series?

The duo: respected.

The cartoon video for "Hold The Line": kick-ass.

The connections with [adult swim]: helpful.

The story: cool as hell.

Major Lazer, the project of DJs/Producers Diplo and Switch (they released the first Major Lazer record earlier this year; it's titled "Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do"), may have reached an agreement with [adult swim] for a new series, starring the science fiction bad-ass known as Major Lazer. (The picture above was the man showcased as apart of Kanye's posse in South Park last season). Apparently, the character Major Lazer's official background is that "he is a fictional animated character
, who (according to press releases) fought as a Jamaican commando and lost his arm in a secret zombie war in 1984. He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket-powered hoverboard." This guy sounds great and if the animated series is indeed on its way, I will be first in line to watch it.

Diplo/Major Lazer Interview Special

Major Lazer
- "Hold The Line"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Album: Echo & The Bunnymen's "The Fountain"

"Love it, hate it, want it, had it, need it, got it..."

Echo & The Bunnymen released their 11th studio album, The Fountain, last month. It's being met with par reception from all sides (mainly UK magazines). I've been waiting on this record for a while, ever since I got jipped out of seeing them at All Points West this summer. There are a handful of really good pop songs on this album. One in particular is "Do You Know Who I Am?". Some of this stuff still sounds like it was made in the 80s, and that is something I love. Check out the band playing the tune live on Later. Not the greatest live performance in the world, but maybe it could've sounded better if frontman Ian McCulloch wasn't so "down-d-down-d-down." (It's better on the album).

Echo & The Bunnymen - "Do You Know Who I Am?"

The Fountain
is out now via Ocean Rain.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Arctic Monkeys B-Sides!

An album like Humbug gets better each time you hear it. It's the Arctic Monkeys' 3rd album and offers some of the most diverse tunes the band has ever recorded on a single record. "My Propeller" is up there on my list for one of the best songs by a rock band this year (the song itself, if you haven't heard it, is perhaps the most obvious metaphor for sex I've heard all year).

But as of today, with the release of the band's latest EP, Cornerstone and the latest single "Cornerstone", three additional songs are coming with: "Catapult", "Sketchead", and "Freight Lined Dining Room". These B-sides are pretty hip, and if they're free to hear on-line, why not give them a listen? If I can choose my favorite, it's probably "Freight Lined Dining Room", based on artillery of heavy guitar riffs and percussion. All the songs are on the available physical single, but also on YouTube. Here you go:

Arctic Monkeys - "Catapult"

Arctic Monkeys - "Sketchead"

Arctic Monkeys - "Freight Lined Dining Room"

Cornerstone is out now via Domino Records.

No Show Last Friday & Excuse

Taken from the NMTM Facebook Group message that was sent to all its members, on Friday, November 13th, at 3:35 PM:

"Sorry, everybody. We pre-recorded our show and the computer in our Production Room went on the fritz. All that we had saved, is now lost. Huge bummer. So we're off this week. But next week, we're back, live, and ready to redeem ourselves. Our apologies again; see you next week!"

That is all. A brand new, live show will go on, without a hitch (hopefully) this Friday. Same time, same place.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Gabe! Doin' Covers!

"And it feels so unnatural, to sing your own name."

Peter Gabriel's career is illustrious. His time spent with Genesis was magical, to say the least, way back in the 70's. Truly an innovator of prog rock ... and rock stage theatrics. His solo career brought him much success. Songs like "Sledgehammer", "Red Rain", "In Your Eyes", and "Solsbury Hill" are timeless. Things have since settled down for Mr. Gabriel. He hasn't put out much material in this decade, unless you count his Hot Chip collaboration cover for Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" last year or his tune for Wall-E two summers ago. But coming in 2010, The Gabe will release a cover record. Believe it! It's going to be called Scratch My Back. Fitting, because some of the artist he's covering, will in favor cover HIS songs. I don't know anything about THAT release, though. Here's the track-listing. And it is so good:

1. Heroes (David Bowie Cover)
2. The Boy in the Bubble (Paul Simon Cover)
3. Mirrorball (Elbow Cover)
4. Flume (Bon Iver Cover)
5. Listening Wind (Talking Heads Cover)
6. The Power of the Heart (Lou Reed Cover)
7. My Body Is a Cage (Arcade Fire Cover)
8. The Book of Love (Magnetic Fields Cover)
9. I Think It's Going to Rain Today (Randy Newman Cover)
10. Après Moi (Regina Spektor Cover)
11. Philadelphia (Neil Young Cover)
12. Street Spirit (Radiohead Cover)

Scratch My Back
will be released on January 25th, 2010. You can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be using some of these as our "Allen Reed Memorial Cover Of The Week" for many shows in the Spring.

Peter Gabriel & Hot Chip - "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend Cover)"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Number 32 Is Pre-Recorded, But Rockin' Nevertheless

You heard it right: we've pre-recorded our show. It's not something we necessarily like to do, as we love to be live and receiving listener phone calls. However, it had to be done. I'm off to a wedding and Jim's got his hands full tomorrow. So our 32nd show is already in the books, but it'll be a surprise for you. New music-wise, we've got Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band, Yeasayer, Neko Case, The Flaming Lips, Discovery, Julian Casablancas, and Monsters Of Folk. We've got a handful of classics and of course, our weekly special segments. It's a great show and we're proud of it. Tune in via the usual ways (radio, TV, internet - your pick) and we'll be back next week, live and taking calls.

P.S. If you got the Facebook message, it's the 32nd show, not the 33rd. Apologies.

MGMT - "Kids"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So About This Owl City Business...

By now I'm sure you've heard about this latest fiasco. Minnesota electronica boy-wonder Adam Young, aka Owl City, released his first major-label album Ocean Eyes in the summer and all of a sudden, many music fans consider it to be a complete ripoff of the Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello project, The Postal Service. What we loved about Postal Service is now hated in Owl City. Gibbard and Young sound a lot a like, but Owl City's music is definitely more poppy. Just listen to hit single "Fireflies". It's so bubblegum. There's a distinct difference between 2003's obscure electronic music to 2009's everywhere electronic music. All in all, fans are pissed. Yet the album has reached number one on Billboard's Top Electronic/Dance chart.

Here's my take: Young's a fan of The Service. He's said so in interviews regarding the backlash. The album is number one. So what's the big deal? It's not like he covered all the Postal Service songs or stole lyrics, though some of the content may be similar. I've heard the record and it's OK. Certainly not ground-breaking like the way Give Up was considered. But it's getting that #1 nod because that's the music that is in now. Rap is on the back burner and rock is barely breathing. Electronic music has shown its prominence in our music culture since the dawn of the millennium and if my assumptions are correct, it's going to get crazier and more popular. I respect Young's music, though it's formula seems to be copied. But in the end, it's not, and nobody can sue. It's just the way it is. It's not like R.E.M. was sued for acquiring jangle pop from The Byrds. Same with Interpol and Joy Division and so many others. Artists mimic other artists. It's called being influenced by. And that's what all this is about: influence. Nobody needs to listen to it. Nobody needs to listen to anything. Take it or leave it.

Owl City - "Fireflies"

P.S. You can check out a ton of crybaby quotes on Stereogum's post.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 6, 2009 (Playlist)

November 6, 2009 (Playlist):
"Our Thirty-First Show!"

Spoon – Got Nuffin
The National – Squalor Victoria
Exploding Hearts – Modern Kicks
Bloc Party – Cells Shaped Like Stars
*"Punk Trunk!": Big D & The Kids Table – Describing The Sky
*"Punk Trunk!": Suicide – Dream, Baby, Dream
Dinosaur Jr. – I Want You To Know
Weezer – Tired Of Sex
My Morning Jacket – I’m Amazed
Pela – Rise Ye Sunken Ships (Live)
The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

Sea Wolf – O Maria!
Matt & Kim – Lessons Learned
*"The Mighty Mighty Boss-Tune": Bruce Springsteen – Seaside Bar Song
Rilo Kiley – Picture Of Success
The Good Life – Notes In His Pockets
*"Allen Reed Memorial Cover Of The Week": M. Ward (Feat. Zooey Deschanel) – Rave On (Buddy Holly Cover)
Billy Bragg – Levi Stubb’s Tears
*Indie Rock News: Kele From Bloc Party going solo, Social Distortion & Pearl Jam close out The Philadelphia Spectrum, B-Days, etc.
The Hold Steady – Killer Parties

*Background music consisted of various cult classic tunes from the 1980s. They ranged from Echo & The Bunnymen to Phil Collins, from cheesy to epic, covering multiple genres.

If you ever wanted to hear some of the best alternative acts shred heavy on guitars, then this edition of Never Mind the Mainstream was for you. Every week, we seem to stumble upon an unofficial theme, but this week, we had no complaints as we spun some epic tracks featuring magnificent guitar work. New music via of Spoon, Dinosaur Jr., The Drums, Sea Wolf, and Matt & Kim brought out the diversity of this great college radio show. We also had Bruce doing "Seaside Bar Song" in our "Boss-Tune", M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel tackling Buddy Holly's "Rave On" in our cover, and our "Punk Trunk!", which came about early, showcased some third-wave ska and New York City punk legends. On the next edition of NMTM, Jim takes the show under his wing and flies solo, as I will be venturing into the heartland of PA to attend a wedding. Tune in next week for another great set!

Exploding Hearts - "Modern Kicks"

The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing"

The Good Life - "Notes In His Pockets"

P.S. We also harassed our shadower, Lauren, throughout most of the show. If you want to be in radio, you got to put up with the crazies. And we're just the introductory crazies.

Friday, November 6, 2009

"An Honor Just To Be Nominated"

That's the kind of thing a person or group says when they lose an award. Same can be said for yours truly and Jim Adair. Yesterday, at the 16th Annual Philadelphia AIR (Achievement In Radio) Awards in Philadelphia, Never Mind the Mainstream was beat out for Best On-Air Personalities. We did not get the nod we we're both aiming for. We lost to another show from Neumann University. "Neumann!!!"

All is fair. We have not heard this young lady's program, (which didn't even have a title in the pamphlet we got at the luncheon - weird) but we assume it must be pretty damn great,
because we're confident in our show's standings and if we got beat, well then... yadda, yadda, yadda. The rest of the ceremony, which Jim can also claim, was really something. A lot of Philly radio legends were in the house, including soul pioneers Gamble & Huff, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award. The food was great and we got to meet a bunch of really great people in the biz (not to mention we rode in a limo - big shots over here). One DJ actually informed us about marijuana smoking areas around the Hilton Hotel, where the ceremony was held, and then invited us into his studio sometime. We like to think this special DJ, who shall remain nameless, was totally serious. So we'll be there. It was a good day.

Perhaps next year we'll have better fortune. Thank you to all those who supported us and continue to support us. "It's an honor just to be nominated". We love what we do and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Big ups.

Harold Melvin & The Blues Notes - "If You Don't Know Me By Now"

P.S. We were mentioned in Kutztown University's newspaper, The Keystone. Here's the article.

Kele Going Solo

"The time to sign a lease."

Beloved frontman of underrated post-punk, Gang Of Four-revival band known fondly as Bloc Party, Kele Orekeke may be doing his own thing for a little bit. And by own thing, I mean, a potential collaboration with Spank Rock. But no Bloc Party, I repeat, no Bloc. Which is sad, but understandable. The band has been going at it all decade, putting on fantastic live shows and tours and dropping albums (if you recall, they went all Radiohead on their last release; not sound-wise, but with the unexpected release on the web). Kele is a workhorse, that's a known fact. I know he was somewhat of a mastermind when it came to Bloc Party's evolving sound into more of a dance band. I'm excited though. We'll see how this turns out. And it's not like Bloc is done forever. If so I'd currently be sobbing like a 10-year-old girl in a corner for having just lost her puppy. Bloc will return whenever they are all rested and ready. Let's hope Kele's side project goes well. And that it's not over-the-top synthy, like Julian Casablancas. It's 2009 - what happened to the rock? Trading in those black, leather jackets for light up belts and glow sticks...

Bloc Party
- "Tulips"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rolling Into November With Our 31st!

If you've read the previous few posts, then you know that my computer is shot. Completely shot. Therefore, I couldn't create a fancy poster for this week's show, and so I am recycling our main poster... which should be updated. But whatever. Halloween, along with October itself, is finished. Add baseball to that list, too. New month - same show. And same promises: the best of yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's alternative and indie rock 'n' roll! This week we're relying heavily on guitar rock, so you'll want to turn your volume up to 11. New music includes Spoon, Dinosaur Jr., My Morning Jacket, The Drums, Sea Wolf, and more. We've also got our fair share of classic jams and special segments. We cover all grounds here on NMTM and we're pumped to be playing these tunes for you on one of the most underrated mediums today: college radio, of course. Tune in from 6-8 PM on one (or more) of our different ways (check them out to the left) and be sure to either call in or IM us!

My Morning Jacket - "I'm Amazed"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Studio Photos Are In

Ever wonder what yours truly and Jim Adair look like? Well, if you're not friends with us on Facebook or if we're not already the best of buds, then we've got some really cool pictures to show you. These pictures were taken last Thursday in KUR's production room, when Jim and I were just sort of shooting the breeze, playing records (yes, records, on a record player), and simply hanging out. Our station's a great place to take a snooze in between classes, hear new music, talk to other DJs, or to chill after a long, stressful day of college nonsense. We've made some renovations to the place over the years, but sadly, these pictures only show us in the production room. We're doing our best to look professional, but we're still just college kids, so take it as you will. We're excited we finally got this "photo shoot" done; it makes us look so cool. Here are some goodies:

That's Jim. He looks happy. I'm a fan of the Captain America T-shirt. The cat picture in the back has something to do with KUR, but I'm not sure exactly what that is. It's been there for a few years. Anyway, I'm not sure what we were talking about. I think we were making fun of someone else at KUR.

That's me, Mike Pop. We swapped seats for this one. I'm messing around with the board and talking into the mic. Our production room isn't the largest production room in the world, so it was difficult to get a shot of both of us. We're making it work regardless.

Both us in the interview seats. I think we were talking about something weird one of us found out about someone else. You know, the usual college gossip. Or at least that's what I think is going on. I'm basing my assumption off of Jim's facial expression.

One more of us working the boards, controlling sound levels, making sure nothing peaks, etc. I believe we were listening to Men At Work's "Who Can It Be Now?" on the record player, which is behind me. Of course we weren't on for the air for this. But the illusion works, right?

So that's it for now. There's 13 pictures of us on Facebook, doing this kind of thing. Become our friends and then you can see them all (that, or wait until we advance to a different web site; one that will support a pictures page). We have to give a big thanks to one of our friends and skilled photographer Emily Dilcherd. She was really patient and did a fantastic job. She's got her own web site, and it's here, so check it out. One day, we'll get videos up here. But until then, you'll just have to be patient. Take care and stay classy.

Men At Work - "Who Can It Be Now?"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October 30, 2009 (Playlist)

October 30, 2009 (Playlist):
"Our Thirtieth Show: 2009 Halloween Edition!"

Beck – Devil's Haircut
Another Sunny Day – You Should All Be Murdered
*"Allen Reed Memorial Cover Of The Week": Magnolia Electric Company – Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon Cover)
Wolfmother – Back Round
The Magnetic Fields – Zombie Boy
Gnarls Barkley – The Boogie Monster
Tegan & Sara – Hell
Coheed & Cambria – Three Evils (Embodied In Love & Shadow)
Bloc Party – Skeleton
The Who – Boris The Spider
Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy

The Specials – Ghost Town
Wilco – Hell Is Chrome (Live)
*"The Mighty Mighty Boss-Tune": Bruce Springsteen – Brilliant Disguise
Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday
Interpol – No I In Threesome
*"Punk Trunk!": The Thermals – Born Dead
*"Punk Trunk!": Television – See No Evil
Say Hi To Your Mom – Blah, Blah, Blah
Echo & The Bunnymen – My Kingdom

*Background music consisted of various Halloween-themed songs from various artists and bands (spanning the terrifying genre from The Church to Ray Parker Jr.).

Our 2009 Halloween edition of NMTM was faced with some minor technical difficulties in the early-going (as we always say, "it wouldn't be college radio if things worked right all the time"), but we used our quick wit to turn out a haunting show. Because this was a Holiday edition, we played a lot of classics from artists and bands who made Halloween and other dark days something to groove to back in the day: Another Sunny Day, The Who, The Specials, Morrissey, Television, and Echo & The Bunnymen. But don't rule our younger, trick-or-treating artists out. Beck, Wolfmother, Gnarls Barkley, Wilco, Interpol, and Say Hi To Your Mom, came out to play on Mischief Night. Even our special segments were spooky ("The Punk Trunk!" was quivering in the attic and "The Mighty Mighty Boss-Tune" came dressed to impress with its best "disguise"). We conversed over childhood Mischief Night/Halloween tales, caller Steve Barnes won our Halloween costume idea contest (Operation Man), and our shadower for the night, Natalie, got some harassing questions her way via the NMTM hell-raiser, Redneck Jeff. All in all, it was a great special and we loved doing it. We hope you had a safe and happy Halloween. Tune in next week for another great set.

Neutral Milk Hotel - "Two-Headed Boy"

Bloc Party - "Skeleton"

Television - "See No Evil"

A Lack Of Bloggery

Let's take a glance at the numbers. In August, we posted 29 posts. We were heading into the school year and certainly excited for the upcoming semester of KUR programming. In September, we posted a blog high of 35 posts. That's crazy! We should've been writing essays and working on projects for classes instead of blogging, but whatever, we're still alive. Nevertheless, September was an exciting month of new music, the show's semester debut, and other indie rock juiciness. And so here we are. October started out strong, but then we kind of leveled off. Here's the excuse:

My laptop computer, my pride and joy and reservoir of all my music files, went kaput. I should've done something about it in early September when I began to realize how slow it was going. But me, being reluctant to get someone to work on the thing, I ignored the problems and now, it's fried. Apparently, I lost my virus protection and spam blocker (I'm not great with computer terms), and then, it was just attacked. That's the only way I can think of explaining it. I saved most of my important files (thank God), but pretty much all of my music is gone. So now, once I get it re-formatted (after this weekend), I'll have the tedious task of burning CDs BACK onto my computer and iTunes on my hands. It will surely be an annoying, extended, and pain-staking process. I feel for all those who have lost everything to things like this. But I know now that backing up important files is the most vital thing you can do. Something to think about, just in case.

So here I am, in my student union's computer lab, listening to The Beatles' "No Reply" (shuffle on my iPod; it's the only thing that contains all my music now), and typing away, using primitive technology (I think this is Windows ME). But that's the excuse for little posting in recent days. If we're your main source for indie rock news (yikes), refer to Pitchfork or Stereogum. They've got it all. Things have been happening in the world of alt. rock, and they've been doing a great job, like always, of covering the headlines.

In better news, Jim's got reviews coming up of two concerts he saw from a few weeks back (Dead Man's Bones, Bruce Springteen & The E Street Band). Both shows, from what he's told me, were really special and he'll post the reviews with pictures and videos in due time. So keep it here for that stuff.

A full re-cap of our 2009 Halloween show and more will be coming up in the near future. Thanks for being patient with us, enjoy the World Series (you know we will), and we'll talk to you soon.