Friday, November 6, 2009

Kele Going Solo

"The time to sign a lease."

Beloved frontman of underrated post-punk, Gang Of Four-revival band known fondly as Bloc Party, Kele Orekeke may be doing his own thing for a little bit. And by own thing, I mean, a potential collaboration with Spank Rock. But no Bloc Party, I repeat, no Bloc. Which is sad, but understandable. The band has been going at it all decade, putting on fantastic live shows and tours and dropping albums (if you recall, they went all Radiohead on their last release; not sound-wise, but with the unexpected release on the web). Kele is a workhorse, that's a known fact. I know he was somewhat of a mastermind when it came to Bloc Party's evolving sound into more of a dance band. I'm excited though. We'll see how this turns out. And it's not like Bloc is done forever. If so I'd currently be sobbing like a 10-year-old girl in a corner for having just lost her puppy. Bloc will return whenever they are all rested and ready. Let's hope Kele's side project goes well. And that it's not over-the-top synthy, like Julian Casablancas. It's 2009 - what happened to the rock? Trading in those black, leather jackets for light up belts and glow sticks...

Bloc Party
- "Tulips"

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