Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 Notes Of Interest

Check this out people. Movie Fone ("Welcome to Mooovvviiieee Fone!") conducted this list for their top 40 movie soundtracks. I must say, it's pretty tight. I found this while searching for good times to see "The Hangover" (excellent film by the way, hilarious). Anyway, I'm a fan of almost all these films and their respected albums. Do you agree with Movie Fone? Find out here.

In other news (news that really doesn't affect anyone who follows this blog a lot), someone's house was robbed in my neighborhood! I've never seen so many cops surrounding one street around here. It's like the entire station cleared out and investigated this thing. Though the details are bleak at the moment, it's safe to say that this event clearly prompts emotions felt in this song and video:

Lastly for today, I'm trying to give up my addiction to Facebook. College kids, you know how epicly awesome "the fas" is. You get to see who's up to no good, who looks like which animal now, and stalk people without feeling too creepy (totally acceptable now). Anyway, I'm on it a lot, just really doing nothing important (mainly seeing who looks like which animal now). So we'll see how long this will last. I'm sure I'll go back to it, but hopefully when I do decide to log back on, I won't waste precious hours of my summer seeing who got drunk and did what, where, when, why, and how. Oh the struggles of addiction...

And that concludes this random post.

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