Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"So Who's To Take The Blame For The Stormy Weather?"

All right now, so this is our 185th post. Weird. I guess we do update this thing pretty often (compared to others in our forte, maybe). I hope you people out there are enjoying it! (We never really did a fan appreciation post, but that's something to consider on a rainy day).

Last night, as I was participating in a great slumber, I suddenly awoke to lightning flashing, fire trucks roaring, and thunder just being a great big disturbance. I believe this is the crazy bad-ass who's behind it all. Just a thought (here's another thought: what happened to Saturday morning cartoons? Oh yeah, I'm 21 now.). So the first thunderstorm of the summer is in the books. That's nothing exciting. Although I'm not happy that I couldn't get back to sleep until ABC Family's "Feed The Children" made me so depressed that I chugged NyQuil and got K.O.ed. Seems like we've been getting a lot of nasty weather in Jersey lately. Almost feels like I'm living in Seattle. "Shock of the lightning". Always nice to hear rain on a tin roof but the lightning - well, I can do without that at 3 AM.

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