Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KUR (& A Frat? Housing?) Present: 2009 Battle of the Bands!

Mario from Mario Kart 64: "Battle!"
*Actually, those are just UK punks having it out...our competition will include bands.

No poster yet, but soon! Anyway, here at KUR, we've been trying to pull this off since 2 years ago, when we suddenly stopped. Anyway, our original request was DENIED. And so, now we're teaming up with some frat (lame) and the housing department (?) and we're benefiting some kid who died from some weird disease (shit, I really should be more respectful and know the details...they're coming!).

So, here' the details we do have. And for the record, I'm heading this mofo, so I hope it's good!:

Untitled KUR "Battle of the Bands" Spring 2009 Details:

*A better name...that to come, too.

Committee Members: 16 (We got 16 dedicated folks who are really going to turn this out.)

Date: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2009

Location: Under a massive tent on the DMZ of Kutztown University's South Campus (come from out of town!)

Host: Manny F., a great KUR veteran. & I'll say a few words, too.

Judges: A select few KUR members.

Admission: 2 bucks? 3 bucks? We want all your money.

Poster: Fellow KUR DJ, Andy Pal! He's going to make us a beauty.

Bands: We have a few willing, but we want more! Send us your submissions (atleast a couple of tracks and some background info to mpopa381@kutztown.edu or kur@kutztown.edu - do it now!)

Prize: Massive gift card for music equipment!

Rules (thus far): No KUR Member can play in the competition. Also, at least one member has got to be from KU. Play good music. & That's about it. Put on a good show!

More information to come within a few weeks! It's for a good cause, so please attend! It'll be fun, I swear. Keep it here!!! With a little luck, we could have it be as educational, romantic, and violent as THIS.

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