Monday, February 23, 2009

"So, What Do You Guys Really Look Like & Where Do You Work?"

Good question, nobody. It's about time I put up horrible-quality cell phone pictures of Jim & mine's own dirty work. So, we broadcast LIVE every Friday, from 6-8 PM (but you already knew this), at the bottom of the McFarland Student Union Building on Kutztown University's North Campus. And we are legit subterranean, people; a freakin' basement, son. Luckily our antenna's are higher than we are, that way people from across town can still hear a crappy signal. Like we always say, you're best bet of hearing us is by the internet (web-streaming @ So that being said, Jim, myself, and a few others cleaned up the station over the past few weeks, got rid of a bunch of old shit (broken records, stationary, etc.). And we got ourselves a sick TV and a pretty comfortable couch (great for sleep; Swedish Temperpeutic sleep system - you suck). Furthermore, we decorated the walls the best we could and added some new computers. Hey, it's college radio: we're doing the best we can with little faculty advisement we got. It's truly independant and it's surely sick as hell. Here's our progress:

That's our good bud, Andy Pal, sleeping on the couch. He's got a show on Tuesday nights from 8-10, called "The Ralph Flavin Show", where plays similar stuff to us, but he's definitely funnier. It's tough being a CD major. This couch is great. We've been wanting one for a while, and we actually got two at the same time. We had the throw the other one out. This is an ideal nap area. No joke.

Taken a few days later (sometime last week), we added some old vinyl and put some blurry words on our whiteboard. What an awful picture; but look!: New Order's "Brotherhood" hangs nicely on our wall, thanks to thumbtacks. Oh, the 21st century...

Yes, we have enough computers. Two of them we don't even use; they're for web-streaming purposes. We got more boards and vinyl and stuff, along with desk things. Here's where I e-mail record labels who tell me to "get real". Sorry, A&M.

Mobile DJ equipment and only the "good" CDs. We did a lot of housecleaning in this department, and we're still not even done. We just hid a lot of junk.

Boxes of promotion type objects and other notices on a board. Fascinating, I know. Don't you want a legit tour now?

Hey - it's Jim! He's in our On-Air Room, checking out websites while some music plays during our show. This was actually last Friday, when our mics died and I was forced to be on a separate mic in...

Our Production Room! Here's where we make annoying promos that are just too full of inside jokes and bad impressions. However, it can be used for live performances and other on-air type events. That's me in gym attire. I like to dress-up fancy for our show. I'm glad this doesn't show my horrible sweating condition.

Well. that's all we got - for now. I promise better quality pics and more of them, in the near future. We're going to miss being on the air! Two weeks...; hurry up, Father Time. (Allen Reed?). Personal jokes & jokes & jokes.

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allen reed looks like a failed male model with a future in the porn business