Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Response From John Mayer!

This morning, at approximately 7:48 AM, the one and only John Mayer wrote me an e-mail! It was crazy - how did he get it? He must enjoy the blog. Anyway, it goes like this. writes:

Dear Mike Pop,

Thanks for your kind words. I love to help the children. They are our future. Furthermore, my pop music is not amazing, I'm aware of that. But "Daughters" is a pretty one, right? LOL.

Also, Jim's a mean guy for calling me a douche. Just because I date A-list celebs on the rebound then don't call them back after just one date does NOT make me a bad guy.


The Mayer of Music (John Mayer LMAO!)

Damn. Strong words from a strong man.

No Thanks!

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