Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Music, Familiar Faces

(Pretty much, courtesy of Stereogum. Duh.)

This week, randomly, out of all the weeks in the year, I decided to finally get into 2009 music. Finally. I felt the urge to check out what all the hubbub was about with some of these newer bands, artists, and songs. It was time to push pause on Springsteen, Heads, and The Mats. It's like learning to ride without training wheels...

I think it's because I'm realizing how much of the year is flying by. I can still remember New Years! (Parts). Maybe it's because a lot of other bloggers out there are starting their midway lists of "Best Of's"; kind of like what we've been doing recently here on NMTM. Whatever set it off for me - good. Because I'm liking what I'm hearing.

I'm doing many a-downloads and being optimistic about some of this, while throwing others out the window without a fair shake (Who/what is/are Wavves?). Here's some newbies, but surprisingly, from some of modern rock's highest rollers. Enjoy:

Arctic Monkeys - "Crying Lightning"

A bit of a darker side of the Monkeys on this one, but still cool and I'm still looking forward to seeing them at All Points West in a few weeks.

Foo Fighters - "Wheels"
Still kickin'. Plus, they're cool with the White House.

Imogen Heap - "Last Train Home"

She's back and this, her first single off her latest album Ellipse, is wonderful.

Wilco - "Wilco (The Song)"
A song you need and band you need to be acquainted with immediately.

*And here's some semi-old stuff (but it's new for me, so back off!):

Cage The Elephant - "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked"
Thanks 101.9 RXP for drilling this into my brain.

Dinosaur Jr. - "I Want You To Know"
Proving that grey-haired men can still rock.

Dirty Projectors - "Knotty Pine (Feat. David Byrne)"
Can't get too far away from Talking Heads this summer. Not sure why, but maybe it's because I finally watched Stop Making Sense.

Ganglians - "Hair"
Another MMJ/BoH type band, but worth a listen.

Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Feat. Mr. Lex & Santigold)

Great music video, great teamwork. Nuff said.

Neko Case - "This Tornado Loves You"

This blogger likes you.

What else should I be hearing? Help me out, people! Peace for now.


Wohner on the Radio said...

"Ain't No Rest" was my find from Last.FM last week. Really great song.
My only suggestion is an accidental find. I stole CDs from my school's radio station for the summer, one being Wolf Parade's second album. I put it on and was like, "Wow, they really changed their sound with this record. . .". Well, it wasn't Wolf Parade. Some fool switched the CDs. What I'd been listening to was a duo called "The Dutchess and the Duke" and their song Reservoir Park. Pop, check it out. Wolf Parade will have to wait, because this was amazing stuff.

Mike Pop said...

nice story, wohner. i've heard the new wolf parade. i'm a big fan of "california dreamer". i'll give the dutchess and the duke a listen. i think my co-host's heard of them, so i'll ask him, too. and hey, how about that major lazer? that could very well be my song of the summer. except now i'm getting into my dub/ska summer phase.