Monday, June 22, 2009

A List, Some Trivia, And R.E.M. News!

"Si, Conando!"

Entertainment Weekly started their own list of the 100 Best Summer Tunes. Songs released in the summer, songs about summer, songs that make you think about summer, whatever. And now that is summer, I guess it's time for these dinky things. Here's the first installment. Agree or disagree? Let me answer for you: disagree.

Please, society, bring back this hairstyle.

You know how VH1 Classic does "This Day In Music"? Well it used to be great, but now it just sucks. Like, it's all about Whitney Houston and chart records. I am not kidding. It gets that lame. So here's one that's actually interesting. And I'll give you a video with that, too.

JUNE 22, 1967: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones drug trials begin.
So they did drugs, just look what they did for rock 'n' roll!

Okay, and finally, R.E.M.'s Peter Buck (guitarist; who is currently doing some side work with Robyn Hitchcock and The Decemberists) and Mike Mills (bass & vocals; who is currently figuring out what sparkly attire to dawn during the next sold-out show) are working on new material for a potential record set to be released in the future. Even though lead vocals Michael Stipe isn't in the picture yet, I'm sure some of the stuff the other two are working on is pretty solid. As a big R.E.M. fan and a believer in the revamped line-up, I am very much looking forward to R.E.M. in the years to come. Check out what Pitchfork's talking about.

A preview of what's to come?

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