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Concert: Bloc Party (Live at The Electric Factory: 3/21/09)

Photos by Jim Adair. Most of them are sick, just like this one.

Well indie-lovers, Bloc Party played a live show, with openers Longwave, Saturday night at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. Months of anticipation boiled down to one epic experience: our third Bloc encounter in three years (pretty impressive streak if I do say so myself). Instead of a writing a huge review, Jim and I decided it'd be good to just import our AIM conversation about the show onto the blog. Innovators - just like Kele and Co. Here's what we came up with (and we're giving out our real screen names! Above and beyond, we go):

truthoradair88: hi sir
mpops88: word up
mpops88: lets talk bloc
truthoradair88: sounds good
mpops88: hold on, i'm putting "letter to my son" on right now
truthoradair88: first off before we start
mpops88: oh, we've already begun
truthoradair88: lady from pela management said shes gonna set up an interview and will get back to me with a day and time
truthoradair88: and we have begun
mpops88: sick as hell
mpops88: good shit
truthoradair88: since im sitting here rockin a KIR
mpops88: haha
mpops88: okay, so the show, it was pretty fucking sweet. 3rd time bloc's played in philly...that we've attended
truthoradair88: yessir, and i agree it was sweet, though i wish we got tulips and once and future like DC
mpops88: yeah man, i'm a little jealous
truthoradair88: i def am
truthoradair88: especially since that happens every time
mpops88: how many times did we scream once and future king? so many times
mpops88: they were not having it
truthoradair88: the first time we saw them, they deputed once and future the show after that, and last time, intimacy came out like 2 weeks later
truthoradair88: debuted*
truthoradair88: i dont know what deputed is
mpops88: haha me neither
mpops88: yeah, it was great seeing the intimacy tracks live
mpops88: what was your favorite intimacy song that they played?
truthoradair88: ares was especially amazing
truthoradair88: ares
truthoradair88: well i dont know actually
mpops88: the lighting for that was insane. felt like the band was being abducted by a ufo
truthoradair88: halo was sick, but ares, with the location it was in the setlist and how they brought it up an extra notch at the end was perfect
truthoradair88: and with kele coming right next to me in the crowd during the bridge was amazing
mpops88: haha i knew he was gonna come out sometime
truthoradair88: what was your favorite weekend in the city track they played
mpops88: hunting for witches always sells it for me. so much energy. but waiting for the 7.18 was nuts. thats actually when i crowd surfed and did a backflip onto security. the next time i tried that it would end up with me in a headlock from one of those big dudes
truthoradair88: yea he was not having it
mpops88: haha "take it easy bro"
truthoradair88: yea hunting for witches was epic as always
truthoradair88: song for clay was great as well
truthoradair88: i like it more as a mid-set song than an opener
mpops88: i'm never usually too high on that one
mpops88: yeah true
truthoradair88: the "east london" part does it for me every time
mpops88: kele's dance moves during mercury was memorable. had a lot of fun with that one. mer-mer-mer-mercuy's in retrograde
truthoradair88: yea, he was breaking it down during ares too, but mercury was great. especially when he wrapped up the dude in the smoosh shirt who looked like bob mould
mpops88: hahaha
mpops88: the softer tunes were really great. signs, so here we are, and this modern love. perfect
truthoradair88: yea, tml was great as a closer too
truthoradair88: although i gotta say, even more so than letter to my son, where is home got the majority of the audience's "huh?" vote for the night
truthoradair88: i was surprised at how many people just had no clue what it was
mpops88: haha agreed man. where is home gave me a chance to catch my breath, even though i was pretty much wiped up and covered in sweat after the first 3 songs. plus longwave was a good opener and i was pumped for them too
truthoradair88: yea longwave shocked me, but we've had a streak of some amazing openers
mpops88: true, macabees and noisettes in '07, does it offend you yeah in '08, and now longwave
truthoradair88: and just in general.....smoosh, meligrove band, mobius band, a.a. bondy
mpops88: pissed they wouldn't play "there's a fire". haha except they did say "not a good thing to be said in a large crowd"
mpops88: yeah man
mpops88: bloc eletrified philly. hands down. the crowd came ready to dance and the band came ready to jam
truthoradair88: yea, they were just not about that at all
truthoradair88: true, and kele and matt really seemed to enjoy themselves, even as russel and gordon were as stoic as ever
mpops88: true, russel's a robot. no smile. no talking. nothing. damn
mpops88: glad to see gordon again; he brings alot to the group. saw it most in the prayer
truthoradair88: but gordon is a stoicly awesome handsome man
mpops88: haha
mpops88: ok, so if you had one dissapointment, if any, what was it
truthoradair88: yea and ares and positive tension
truthoradair88: that ion square, though on the setlist, was not played
mpops88: ah! i was just thinking that
mpops88: i always get my hopes for a rarite, but i try to be realistic. i think one of mine was not even with the band itself. i think some people in the crowd were real douchebags and some of the chicks didn't know how to act. such a sad sight. you come to a bloc show, expect to get pushed
mpops88: *rarity
truthoradair88: exactly, especially if you are up against the rail
mpops88: alright, so to sum it up, give your favorite moment, and on a scale from 1 to 10, how was the show
truthoradair88: twas an 8.5 just because i have seen better in past years, it comes close to the last time we saw bloc which i would give a nine
mpops88: very nice. yeah last time was a little bit better. better setlist, at least. dude, i'll give the show an 8. and the best part was the beginning of helicopter. i had never seen a crowd so alive. also after helicopter, i had never heard such a loud applaus. i felt like they had to turn down the sound of the entire place. fucking insane.
truthoradair88: and my favorite moment was easily ares
mpops88: very good
mpops88: and its always good to see a good band, good show with multiple buds. just made it better. now i need to wash my sweaty t&e shirt. it is still stanky.
truthoradair88: yea it exploded
mpops88: god bless bloc party
truthoradair88: and that is all that needs to be said
truthoradair88: haha

So there you have it. A great conversation about a great experience. For pictures, check out Jim's Facebook photos here. (Hope that's cool, man, Ha-ha). And thanks to Blog Party, we got the setlist, and we'll use their video, too!:

1. One Month Off
2. Trojan Horse
3. Hunting For Witches
4. Positive Tension
5. Signs
6. Waiting For The 7.18
7. Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
8. Banquet
9. Where Is Home?
10. Letter To My Son
11. Mercury
12. So Here We Are
13. The Prayer

14. Halo
15. Price Of Gasoline
16. Flux
17. Helicopter

(Second Encore)
18. Ares
19. This Modern Love

The lights flashing during "Flux" definitely gave me a seizure.

And finally, I leave you with an image that can sum up the entire evening:

Thank you, and good night.

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Kyle Angebranndt said...

wow guys you seem to have had a great time and by the appearance of that pic of mike it seems like it. and in other words who wouldn't go gay for jim adair?