Monday, March 22, 2010

March 19, 2010 (Playlist)

March 19, 2010 (Playlist):
"Our Fortieth Show!"

Cold War Kids – Santa Ana Winds
Guided By Voices – The Best Of Jill Hives
She & Him – In The Sun
Neko Case – Red Tide
Gorillaz – Rhinestone Eyes
Broken Bells – Vaporize
Josh Ritter – Change Of Time
Hunters & Collectors – Throw Your Arms Around Me
Fionn Regan – Coat Hook
*"The Mighty Mighty Boss-Tune": Bruce Springsteen – Loose Ends
Teo Leo & The Pharmacists – The Mighty Sparrow
Paul Westerberg – Love You In The Fall

Big Star – Thirteen
Meat Puppets – Served Goddess Hand
The National – Terrible Love (Live)
*"Allen Reed Memorial Cover Of The Week": The Autumn Defense – Paradise (Miracle Legion Cover)
*"Punk Trunk!": Titus Andronicus – Titus Andronicus Forever
*"Punk Trunk!": Dropkick Murphys – God Willing
The Tallest Man On Earth – Burden Of Tomorrow
Motion City Soundtrack – Disappear
Echo & The Bunnymen – Lips Like Sugar (Live)
The Strokes – Reptilia
The Church – Another Earth

*Background music consisted of various cult classic tunes from the 1980s. They ranged from The Cure to New Order, from cheesy to epic, covering multiple genres.

Once again, NMTM proves its commanding validity by bringing new music to the masses, even on a medium like college radio. This week, the rock 'n' roll duo of Jim Adair and myself (but more Jim) spun a profusion of new tunes from some of the biggest names in the game: Cold War Kids, She & Him, Gorillaz, Broken Bells, Fionn Regan, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, and much more. Older numbers had a strong showing, too: Hunters & Collectors, Meat Puppets, Echo & The Bunnymen, and The Church. We also felt it appropriate to honor a rock legend who passed away this week, Alex Chilton of The Box Tops, Big Star, and himself as a solo artist. Thank you for your years of great music, Mr. Chilton. Our return to the airwaves from Spring Break proved righteous to our fans, despite the beautiful northeastern weather that was calling so many of us away from our radios. Spring is now in session. Next week, Jim's got the show to himself for the first hour while I attend to a few graduation-required comprehensive exams. Weak. But we'll reunite for hour two and really kill it as we finish up the final show of March. Tune in next week for another great set.

She & Him - "In The Sun"

The National - "Terrible Love"

Echo & The Bunnymen - "Lips Like Sugar"

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