Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Sending Us Your Music = Us Playing It

That's right. If your in a band or a solo artist (or if you're just very music-savvy and know of a band or artist we should be hearing), send us some of your material and we'll spin it on our show! It's so simple. We've already gotten submissions from bands like O'Brother, Greenland Is Melting, and MillionYoung. We like what we're hearing and they'll find a place on our college radio show. Please send your submissions to my e-mail: or Jim's: and we'll get back to you. Plus, we could also do some interviews and other cool things that. College radio is the only chance you can get this much freedom so take advantage of it!

O'Brother - "Division Of Man"

1 comment:

trollmaster said...

Greenland is Melting and Million Young contacted me too :)

Also, if you are interested, I know a bunch of free artists that have contacted me or are friends of mine.