Monday, March 9, 2009

Speaking of "Watchmen"...

Watch Haha, I humor myself. Check-check it:

This is a delicious little number. Mentioned it before, but iPod shuffle makes me reminisce, from like, 2 weeks ago (?).

Weird - I know! She reminds me of a young Kate Bush. First of all, where is Joanna Newsom even doing this - elementary school show & tell? (Check out the teacher's aide in the back, I presume). And whoa - a harp? A harp? Are harps indie? Alternative? Rock 'n' roll? Music anymore? Clever. Newsom recorded this song on her debut record, "The Milk-Eyed Mender" back in 2004, when she was 5...or 97? Jokes! She's actually 27. She's a cutie. Anyway, this tune made it onto the Pitchfork 500. Which reminds me, I should really drink more (ha) and do the "(As I Drink) As I Listen & As I Hear" segment again to that book and those songs. SPOILER ALERT!: Thursday.

She's also dating Andy Samberg. Yes, Hot Rod. I feel gossipy today.

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