Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Bruuuuuce" On The Daily Show

"Thank you, Jon."

Bruce Springsteen came on the show tonight, and this being one of my favorite shows anyway, I had to tune in. Only I tuned in a little too late, like towards the end of the interview where Jon Stewart talks about his own New Jersey experiences, and you just know that Springsteen's going "you think you had it bad, funny guy", in
his head. This had been advertised for a while and I was wondering what song he was going to play. I knew it had to be something off the latest record. I crossed my fingers for "Surprise, Surprise", which should replace "Happy Birthday" at all birthday functions in society from this point on. I was also pulling for my new favorite, "Life Itself", but hey, I don't call the shots. Instead he played the title track, "Working On A Dream". And by the way, if you haven't read my album review, check it out here. It's one of my favorites of 2009 so far. I'm glad The Boss is getting a brand new, younger fan base. These songs are good and it's not often we see a legend comeback with such great material. Beat this star-studded, quick response post, Stereogum! And I'm sure the YouTube video will be up tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this retro, but beautiful acoustic performance.

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