Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Got Our Schedule! Same As Before! Repitition!

Believe it or not, this little number was a painstakingly long process.
I need to hire someone to do legit Photoshop jobs for us.

Wait: Blurry, too? Fuck this...

Okay, so some important things happened today:

1. President-elect Obama got sworn into office.
C-ya later, Bush. You were absolutely horrendous.

2. Ted Kennedy's health is sinking fast.
Another dead Kennedy. Not good.



We're excited. Can you tell? You know what's also sweet? I don't have to re-write too much, because we're on at the same time and day as last semester! Lucky us. But more importantly, luck you. What a momentous day. Fun posters and music news to come. People, nation, citizens, rock lovers, enjoy this hand-me-down post while I go grab a beer:

We got a pretty solid time slot and we're going to use it to the best of our advantage. Now, we're only on once a week, so get your alternative and indie rock dosage when you can. Here it is:

Every Friday: 6-8 PM!

Wanna know how to listen? Of course you do. Here are all the fascinating ways you can do so:

88.3 FM & 1670 AM (If you're in the Kutztown, PA area)
Service Electric Channel 24 (Kutztown, PA)
Hometown Utilicom Channel 41 (Kutztown, PA)
On The Web (via our web stream) @ http://kur.kutztown.edu

For more information and other fun stuff, head over to KUR's official website here.

We're excited. We're pumped. We're going to rock. And we're going to be on the air on...

JANUARY 30, 2009 (6-8 PM)!

You do not want to miss this. More to come. Peace.

David Bowie - DJ

We are DJs. We are what we play.

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