Monday, December 1, 2008

Do You Feel the Heat of the Apocalypse?

"The end's not near; it's here." - The New Year

Well folks, we were off this week due to the break (Black-out Friday, ya know what I'm sayin'?). And even if you don't, sorry for not being around. But hey, were you really around, anyway?

Truth be told!: we got our final show coming up on Friday. We're calling it our "Best Of" show, or, The NMTMies. It's going to be chuck-full of awards, witty banter, family phone calls, health tips, and inside jokes that you could only wish you could understand. However, don't you worry your poor, little heart, because when you listen to Never Mind the Mainstream, you always have best buds (myself & Big Jim; and if not any of us, then Dr. Freem).

More information to come on this tomorrow, so keep it here at NMTM. Tell friends! This will be epic!

Like, so epic.

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