Sunday, November 9, 2008

Who Is "Dr. Freem"?

Good question. Well, for this very special profile piece on a very special member of the Never Mind the Mainstream team, you must know a few things about the physician before you can question the "truthyness" behind his doctrine. And the story is told in pictures.

Dr. Freem has worked in the field of Marine Science for many-a-years. Annually, he rescues whales from unsafe habitats and rides them to safe harbor.

Dr. Freem works in chemical labs for many hours during the work week. He has come up with various cures for the world's worst epidemics, however, the FDA disagrees with the "all-detergent" cure for diseases.

Dr. Freem believes that rigorous exercise is not only good for your health, but it is also fun to do, as well. Because of a very early scientific experiment, Dr. Freem now has the ability to age many years in the future on command.

Dr. Freem has received many degrees and a promising future is certainly underway.

Dr. Mike Freem graces Jim & myself every Friday, mainly around 7 PM, for his weekly segment on NMTM: "Freem's Rules". He always has a good health tip brewing and waiting to be relayed to the masses of listeners who tune into NMTM. In recent times, Dr. Freem has been known to do battle with arch-nemesis and NMTM shadower, Enzo, and an on-going war with wannabe nutritionist and frequent caller, Jeff Pop. The "Careem" knows good rock & roll when he hears it and will make a point of emphasizing his joy for the greatness that is heard on NMTM.

Tune in every Friday, 6-8 PM on KUR for Dr. Freem's "Freem's Rules" on Never Mind the Mainstream.

For your health, dumb-dumb!

*For more health tips from Dr. Freem, check out his YouTube channel:

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